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Affectionate, yet independent, our feline friends are treasured and beloved companions, each one with their own unique qualities. So what better way to capture the personality and character of your beloved pet than with a beautiful and striking portrait.


Our handcrafted personalised cat portraits make an ideal and unique gift for someone you love, or a timeless reminder of your cherished pet that you can keep forever. Your cat’s image will be lovingly reproduced on a background of your choosing. Alternatively our personalised cat portraits in historical royal uniform or renaissance style make a quirky, unusual and fun gift.


Every portrait comes with a certificate of authenticity and is carefully wrapped by hand on a solid wood frame in our UK studio, ready for you to hang in pride of place at home. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care and ensure that every customer receives a dedicated and bespoke service. We’re pleased to say we have received some of the best pet portrait reviews in the country.

We love to create cat portraits for UK's most popular cat breeds: Bengal, British Shorthair Cat, Persian Cat, Siamese Cat, Ragdoll Cat, Maine Coon Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Burmese Cat, Chinchilla Cat, Cornish Rex Cat, Devon Rex Cat, Moggie Cat, Manx Cat, Scottish Fold Cat, Siamese Cat, Sphynx Cat

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