Choose a classic, regal or a renaissance style dog canvas portrait 

Loving and loyal, dogs are a cherished member of the family home, bringing joy to our lives and creating unforgettable memories. If you’re looking for a unique and unusual gift for a pet lover, or want a timeless and beautiful reminder of your beloved family pet, a personalised handmade dog portrait is ideal. We hand-craft you a pet portrait portrait in soft oil painting style or a renaissance painting, pencil drawing style or Andy Warhol pop art style. 

Our artist will faithfully reproduce a high quality lifelike image from a photo of your cherished pet, beautifully painted onto a modern handcrafted canvas frame. Our bespoke personalised canvas dog portraits are made to your requirements. Choose the background you’d like or alternatively, for an unusual, fun and quirky portrait, your dog in royal historical uniform or as a renaissance-styled portrait. 
We guarantee a high quality, premium canvas portrait of your beloved pet with unrivaled image quality. The portrait will be gallery wrapped by hand on a solid pine wood frame directly here in our UK studio. 

We pride ourselves on our attention to every detail, from creation to delivery, and every portrait comes with a certificate of authenticity. We are proud to offer excellent customer care, and are delighted that our work has received some of the best pet portrait reviews in the country.  

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