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Us Brits love our dogs. Even the Queen can’t be without a four-legged friend, having ruled for many years with her beloved corgis by her side.


At Christmas, Meghan Markle – the American actress and soon-to-be wife of Prince Harry – allegedly won her Majesty over with a singing hamster toy, which was a big hit with hounds. But if Meghan wants to nail next year’s pressie, Royal Cats & Dogs have the perfect solution.

Their hand-drawn portraits depict your cat or dog as a King or Queen – perfect if you have a doggy diva or your pet just rules the roost at home. You can choose to have them portrayed in a range of royal attire, recreating the look of Elizabeth I, for example, King Richard or Henry VIII. You can also have your pet’s name added, if you so wish.

The portraits are really easy to organise: all you need to do is send over a few hi-res images of your pet looking straight at the camera and let the artists – a husband and wife duo – work their magic. The whole process takes just over a week and you’ll be able to see a proof before the canvas is completed.


When it came to immortalising “King Ernie”, I opted to recreate the famous 1540 portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger – and I think you’ll agree the regal look suits him rather well!


The likeness is amazing and somehow, the portrait has captured Ernie’s cheeky charm and playful personality. I was really impressed by the attention to detail, too – the eyes are spot-on and the unusual colouring on Ernie’s nose has been captured to a tee.

The canvas – which measures 16″ x 12″ – now takes pride of place in our lounge and is a real talking point whenever friends and family come over. As well as being a fine way to celebrate your pet, a personalised portrait makes a great gift and is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any animal lover. Meghan, take note!


Bespoke pet portraits start from £39. A canvas print costs £65. 

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