Cairnach, Queen Victoria favourite dog

July 2, 2019

“Cairnach, the Skye terrier, died on 31 March, 1844 and is buried in the Home Park at Windsor: described by the Queen as “such a beautiful dog, and had such dear engaging ways”.


Queen Victoria's first etching was made on 28 August 1840, under the guidance of Sir George Hayter who was working on his oil painting of the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (RCIN 407165) at the time. 

Hayter was responsible for the acid-biting of all of the early plates but was soon replaced in this task by Queen Victoria's dresser, Marianne Skerrett. The London dealers and publishers Colnaghi & Co were also used for some of the more complicated plates. A printing press was set up at Buckingham Palace in 1840 by the firm of Holdgate but some of the royal couple's plates were also printed by a Mr Brown of Castle-Street, Windsor, in the autumn of that year

For the newlywed Queen Victoria and Prince Albert much of the pleasure of etching was derived from working together and a number of their plates were collaborative efforts.

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