Featured in the September Issue of Pets Magazine

October 2, 2017

Review of Royal Cats & Dogs canvas pet portraits in Pets magazine UK. 

We meet pet portrait makers par excellence Claire and Tony Dhanjal of Royal Cats & Dogs who specialise in creating unique portraits of your pet that really show they are blesses with blue blood. 

As well as pet portraits, both royal and unadorned, Tony and Claire, create gorgeous handmade cushions, also with a royal twist. We meet them and delve into their particular inspirations... 


Q: Tell us a bit about your business...

We are inspired by a passion for our furry friends good health and to celebrate them in art. Our friendly UK studio is run by Claire, a concept artist and Tony, a graphic designer. As pet owners ourselves, we are passionately committed to helping pets enjoy happier, healthier lives by providing them the very best organic products and a selection of exclusively designed cushions for their style-conscious owners. Working from your pets photo, we lovingly capture the personality and character of your pet in a loose lifelike artistic style to handcraft a one-of-a-kind Canvas Portrait to celebrate your pet, a wonderful reminder of the good times you have shared together as the ultimate gift or a pet memorial and keepsake to be cherished forever.

Every bespoke portrait is intricately digitally coloured to create a soft oil painting effect using a brush stylus and graphic tablet, similar to a paint brush, printed using pigment inks producing unrivalled image quality.We laminate the canvas surface for the ultimate protection - No cracking, water resistant, cleanable, scratch proof and uv protection of up to 200 years.


Q: Why "royal" cats and dogs?

We think that all pats are royal anyway and the original idea came to us when we were walking with our Ozzy in Great Windsor Park - to create products inspired by the pet dogs throughout the British Monarchy's history and to help make a difference by contributing to The Dogs Trust and In-Kind-Direct. To date, they have helped us to contribute to them over 300 cushions to raise funds for both people and pets in need.


Q: What are your favourite royal pets of all time?

We love all royal dogs and have a particular fondness for Border Collies and of course the Welsh Corgis.


Q: Do you have any pets yourself?

Yes, Ozzy a Border Collie mix and a moggie named Molly. They bring us enormous inspiration, fun and positive energy.


So, if you're looking for a perfect gift that's an ideal depletion of your little prince pr princess, look no further!


To order your Bespoke Personalised Royal Pet Portrait visit: www.royalcatsanddogs.co.uk


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