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Pet Portraits Photo Tips

How to take the Perfect pet photo?

  1. Try to capture their personality by being patient and relaxing your subject going to their eye level.​ 

  2. Use the auto focus feature on your camera or phone to capture a few front facing close up photos (a few feet away) of your pet with lots of natural light or outdoors.

  3. ​In our experience, a few  front facing  close-up  photos of your pets  full face  work best for portraits.

  4. Features of the face and eyes need to be clear (no blurry photos please). 1 MB or more please, most mobile phones & cameras today have this option.

Taking pet photos with an iPhone, digital camera or any mobile phone?

  1. Try not be flashy!  Most times, you may get more pleasing results without mobile phone flash. 

  2. Make sure you take the picture in a room flooded with light or outdoors and keep the phone still.

  3. When sending the photos, make sure you send in a "Large format" mode in high resolution.

  4. Use still frames from iPhone or iPhone Plus "Live Photos" to capture a less-blurry photo of your animals.

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